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Seeking lenders: 12% rate offered with monthly payments & flexible redemption terms

Kevin Jolly

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on PMC Public Forum and on Deals so I definitely would appreciate any feedback!

• Participate in debt notes secured by real estate assets, specifically PadSplit shared housing properties

• Fixed 12% per annum return with monthly simple interest distributions

• No ramp-up delay in interest or monthly payments

• No hidden fees or expenses (12% return = 12% return)

• Only 90-day redemption notice required

• Proven team with unrivaled PadSplit experience

• Multiple debt note opportunities on potential PadSplit properties in GA, FL, & TX

• PadSplit:

• My current GA PadSplit property:

• PowerPoint for offering:

Focused Performance Capital_Private Money Lending

Thank you.


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