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Seeking private money investors – Home flipper needing $$ to flip homes. Experienced and reliable.


I’m the owner of Whitehaus Property Management, LLC and a realtor for 12 years and home renovator for 5.

Have about 10+ properties (9 SFH and 1 condo) i have flipped so far but need to ramp up my business to do multiple homes at the same time

Needing an investor to fund the purchase of the homes and renovation budgets. I have my contractor(s) to do the work and i find the properties, renovate, and then list them myself. Have a quick system in place and i’m located in Tampa, FL a super hot market. Last house i listed was on the market for only 5 days until it was under contract. Prefer to start off doing 2-3 homes at a time. Have been using hard money on deals so far and trying to increase overall net profit while helping an investor get the ROI they need on each deal.