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Seller finance Puerto Rico Deal 5 units mixed used building $50,000 entry gives equity and cashflow in this deal

Noah Borgman

Check out my buy and hold anaylsis Above!! This is what the property used to be like

Eqity Split 40% you 60% My partner and i

Cashflow Split- 60% you 40% my partner and i


  1. Noah Borgman

    hey Leonel thanks for reaching out, this deal was recently purchased then brought back to me as a seller finance deal again cause the lady that bought it decided she didnt like it etc, thinking of tunring the down stairs area into a bar again because its very set up for it etc, then theres a house ontop of the building that can be short term rented or mid term rented.

    with an additional 3 more units to either rent as studios or for small buinesses, or collage kids

    the rehabvaluator link gives more numbers on the deal, what info would you like to see to i can be more effiecint ?