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St. Pete Beach, FL —> Funding Opportunity!

Jason Matthews

 Seeking $400,000 

This is a 6-unit project. We are increasing the current property value from $1,140,000 to $2.5M+.

We already own 2 other Airbnb hotels in the area.

Location: St. Pete Beach, FL

  • Estimated value of that property at the time of refinance and/or sale is $2.5M
  • Minimum funding $50,000
  • Annual interest rate 15%
  • Quarterly payments
  • At the time of refinance, we expect to achieve 70-75% LTV = $1.75M – $1.87M

Check out details —->


  1. Oneal Hodges

    Jason  Matthews  sounds like awesome and great deals !   Would be interested in the deals   The deals to be other collateral that is cash flowing and stable…   or free and clear properties !

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