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Struggling To Raise Private Money? Lets Chat….

Michael Kearse

Hi All,

I have raised over $2M in private funds from PMC. I can share some tips with you if interested.

I also have some partners that are offering different lending options.

Call/text me here 856.979.1627 or book a time that works for us both here =>


  1. Michael Kearse

    I have had many of my lenders tell me they have lent to me because I do a great job of explaining how they get paid, and how I get paid, and they like that I am helping people get into home ownership. I’ve also had lenders tell me my terms do not align with their investment goals. If you’d like to discuss this and how it relates to your deals….. let’s chat.

  2. Bob Coleman

    The minimum I borrow is 40k and I would need the loan to be over 14 months. I lend to banks, though, so once I lend it out, the funds are locked for the 14 months. If interested, contact and let me know your terms.

  3. Michael Kearse

    I just helped another colleague from PMC get access to $50k 0% for 18 mos., and will continue to work with him to get another $60k business line of credit.


    If interested I can get you terms within 24hrs. Let me know.

  4. Fred

    I am Looking for investors! to help with rehab cost. I have a fantastic opportunity to rehab an 8-unit apartment complex with over a large amount of in equity in the ARV. I only need $50,000 for the investment to make this project a reality. Please contact me for further details

  5. Michael Kearse

    I just helped another member get access to $60k 0% interest.

    I’ve been talking with many investors struggling to raise private money. The biggest mistake they are all making is not having a real deal under contract. The deal brings the money. I didn’t raise money and then go find a deal. I got the deal 1st.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Chris Ofa

    Congratulations Michael on all your success.

    I am interested if it’s still available. I have a deal that needs 100K funding and I am open to discussing the terms. I’m looking for a short term not more than 5 years, interest payment only with balloon final payment. LTV is 30%, offering 1st position lien on the property. Personally guarantee the loan. Interest and any fees are to be discussed.

    I am hoping to talk to you soon.

    Thank you.

  7. Parth079

    Hi Michael,


    I am new on this platform and amazed to see how you have positioned yourself well on being influencer for raising private money.

    I have deal purchased at $1.1 Million dollar and ARV is $1.9 Million dollar. Property is acquired and ready to rehab. Looking $350,000. Open to secure $350k against the equity in personal property.

    Let’s connect. 437-339-8013


  8. Rodney Ethan Davis

    Hi Michael,

    I’m interested. You can reach me at I’m seeking funds to do a refi on a mixed-use property I own in NC. The as-is value is 275k. I need 178k. The funds will be used to payoff the note and get cash to upgrade the building to get it ready for tenants. It can be a short-term loan or long-term loan depending on the rate.

  9. Kevin Dixon

    Hey Michael, thanks for posting and congrats on your success on PMC. I’m new to the platform and saw your post. We’re a luxury residential developer in Charlotte NC looking to partner with quality likeminded individuals on secured real estate deals. We currently have a new construction project on the table that we have a need for. Would love to discuss in further depth. Let’s connect. I’ll definitely reach out tomorrow. (704)340-8479