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*TIME SENSITIVE LENDING OPPORTUNITY: Bridge Loan For Emerging Tech Company to Assist With Unlocking of Larger Institutional Funding in March

Daniel Soraluz

Hello PMC members! My name is Daniel I am looking to connect with both investors and operators here on the PMC platform for traditional Real Estate opportunities however today I come with a different lending opportunity.

Here are the details….

The total amount of funding needed and the duration for which it will sustain us:

$250k (can come from multiple lenders) for a term of 60-90 days.

Frequency of need: How often we anticipate requiring additional funds:

The amount of $250k should carry us to March 30 which is when the contracts in progress are expected to finalize and the larger funding is unlocked for the company.

Timeline: The critical deadlines by which funds are needed:

This Friday 02/23/2024 would be ideal but they would respect any due diligence process that the lender needs to perform.

Proposed terms: Any initial thoughts on interest rates or other terms of agreement:

$250k loaned for 60-90 days with an 18% interest rate.

Purpose of the funds: A clear outline of how the funding will be utilized within the company: Will be used to cover back pay for employees, payroll for the month of March and to cover some current expenses and to take advantage of some immediate business opportunities.

Note: As an employee of the company for which this company is seeking the funding, my role is to simply present this information to the community here and I will gladly connect any potential lenders directly with the The Modern Mirror CEO, Nicole Reader.

Modern Mirror Company Background and Additional Investor Resources:

Modern Mirror ( creates digital doubles of professional athletes to facilitate the crossover between sports, gaming, and fashion.

Specializing in 3D body visualization, 4D dynamic scanning, motion capture, body and motion analytics, digital product creation, virtual fit technologies, and management of data. Through a single technology stack, a person’s unrivalled exactitude is captured that mirrors their real-life attributes, likeness, motion and measurements that not only can be used to track their performance but also to enable them to monetize their digital doubles over and over again..

The technology was initially developed to be used in the luxury fashion industry for virtual clothing try-on; however in the past year the company has been asked by professional sports leagues and players associations to apply our 3D/4D body scanning and motion capture technology for creating monetizable digital versions of athletes, as well as applying the motion and measurement analytics that the system creates to player training and injury prevention. Sports/fashion crossover projects and digital collectibles projects are underway as well.

Modern Mirror has imaged a substantial number of professional athletes in recent months (for example this year’s group of NFL rookies, players at NFL Elite Week and NFL Super Bowl 2024) and is currently finalizing JV agreements with leagues and players associations including NFLPA, MLBPA and OneTeam Partners.

The company is in need of some immediate short-term funding (at least $250K, can come from more than one investor/lender) to bridge from now until the SAFE Note closes in March 2024, in order to cover some current expenses and to take advantage of some immediate business opportunities. In return for funds coming in quickly we are able to offer an extremely generous above-market interest rate on a short term loan (3 month, can convert to equity at a discount or principal can be repaid), other options include a SAFE note that gives a discount for equity.

Data Room Link: ; more detailed financial projections and other documents are available on request.


Thank you for your interest in this bridge loan opportunity and I look forward to connecting with you all!

– Daniel Soraluz


  1. Melody Bohannon

    Good morning Daniel,

    If you are interested in the next phase of funding for your companies growth, I work with a global funding company with access to family offices all over the world. They can begin reviewing needs at 2 million plus up to hundreds of millions.  I wanted to share the information on the company for your next phase of business funding. When you are ready, I would be happy to make the introduction.

    Wishing an awesome day my friend!

    All the best,

    • Daniel Soraluz

      Hey David,

      Still vetting the leads but nothing has been secured as of yet. As mentioned, the loan amount can come from different lenders so any to interest to partially fund the amount sought is welcomed. The same loan terms would be honored; 18% for 60-90 days on the funding amount . Please feel free to reach out with any interest you or a trusted party to you may have.