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Tonight’s Coaching Call [LETS CHAT]

Shawna Decker

Hey all tonight’s coaching call went really well, in the THANKSGIVING spirit, I’m really grateful for how darn productive we were tonight. I am so proud! I know a bunch of us borrowers and lenders wanted to connect and exchange contacts.  Let’s use this as a little thread.


  1. Shawna Decker

    So glad you’re here too! And have learned so much even tonights call!

    Get that LLC Gold! And you’re in great hands in the Accelerator.

    lol I am w2 as well but some one-off things I do I bill through my business and get a 1099 and also do my lending from it.

    (buy my mastermind tickets or trainings, and book travel to get to those trainings)

    I also named my entity something that you can’t really pin it down what it is so I also feel super nimble. “seventy shaw llc” HAHA

    it just idk had a ring to it I was like yup! And I am always learning too! inch-by-inch !