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Vacant Land Deal.. 15% interest with 1st position mortgage

Shawn Selby

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If you are unable to do the full mortgage amount, please contact me and we can discuss other options. I can always put in some of my own money or find a second lien holder.

You will receive a Mortgage and promissory note. I will pay all fee’s.

This is a 17.01 acre property in Bradford County, FL. Vacant land with a tiny shed that was used to store the current sellers four wheeler. I’m asking for a $94,000 mortgage, 1st position with 15% interest that will accrue and be paid out when property sells and closes or we can do monthly interest only payments. I will also provide a personal guarantee. Typically all of my properties sell within 3-8 months. I have spoke with a real estate agent, she thinks we should list at $170,000 but believes we will end of selling around $153,000. She believes we will have no problem selling in under 6 months. Property does not need any work. This property is currently in title.

I have done about 30 deals, all vacant land. We have never lost money on a deal before. I can show past deals to show my performance.

Thank you. I look forward to talking to you.