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Wanna deploy $50k (short-term) to make money while you sleep?

N'Marie Crumbie

We are a full-time investor group focusing on fix-and-flips in Arizona’s Greater Phoenix Metro Area. Our combined experience in real estate as a broker/owner, associate broker, and investor spans three decades and hundreds of flips.

We are offering 10% on a $50k investment in a second lien position on a rehab project that is currently being renovated. Guaranteed 6 months of annualized simple interest. Monthly payments or a lump sum payment at the end of the 6-month term or whenever the property is sold, whichever occurs first.

This particular property is in a Scottsdale luxury community. We put 25% ($223k) of our money down for the purchase, have earmarked another $100k for the reno, and want to invest another $40 – $50k into the project to be more competitive with the community new listings. The first lien is $650k, and the ARV range is $1.350k—$1.400k. If interested, let me know, and I will provide detailed information about the deal.


  1. Manish Suthar

    Hello N’Marie,

    Thank you for sharing and reaching out to me. I am a “brand new” member here and I am still trying to learn my way around. For my first couple of deals, I would prefer to have 1st position in the deal. Perhaps we can continue our conversation for possible future opportunities.

    To that affect, I would be grateful for any direction and/or advise you might be able suggest. I still need an attorney to help review prospective opportunities. For the first couple of deals I probably would need some hand holding. I have experience in real estate and hard money lending. However, PMC is new as are the resources available within. Look forward to further correspondence.  Any guidance navigating around PMC, using email or messaging would also be helpful. Thank you in advance.

    Manish Suthar

  2. Oneal Hodges

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