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We have $60K left to lend out


Hello friends,

Karl (also a member of this group) and I own and operate a Debt Fund. We lend money to real estate investors who fix and flip houses as well as have accredited private investors inside the Fund that we pay high yield returns to.

We constantly lend money and have about $60K left.

If you are working on a deal or about to and need 60K, please reach out.

We do take 1st lien on properties.

If you need GAP funding, we may provide that but would need a cross-collateral property that is free and clear.




    • Eugene

      Hi Joaquin,

      Terms are the following:

      Origination Fee: 2 points
      Interest Rate: 12.99% APR interest only
      Term: 6-9 months
      AR LTV: up to 70%
      PP: 90%
      Rehab: 100%
      No prepayment penalty
      No tax documents
      No income documents
      No hard pull of the credit report


      Please let me know if you have any questions


  1. Josiah Wilson

    Eugene…..will PM you to connect on this. I have a couple for funding. It would be to cross collateralize property as well as the fix and flips are needing the second position lien at this time for gap funding.