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Where are my Premier Investors? Join me for Money Club Monday!

Stephen Nagy

Hey all, co-founder of PMC here, Stephen Nagy.

Did you know I do a weekly webinar called Money Club Monday? If not, go register here

Each week, we highlight Premier borrower deals and opportunities so lenders can get to know the investors and find their next deal!

We also do lots of training on Private Money…

Im looking for Premier Member borrowers that want to come on Monday at 1pm EST and highlight your deal!

Email or text me to reserve your spot. 561-313-6213


  1. Jay Anderson

    I have a couple of deals that I’m working on, one is a 7 unit multi-family, and the other is a development project consisting of 3, two unit condos. I’ve just submitted an offer on the 7-plex, and in the middle of the class with Noah, hopefully I can get it posted soon. Just not comfortable yet on my ability to post.

    • Stephen Nagy

      Awesome, Noah will definitely help with getting that all set up and posted correctly. When you are ready, let me know and I’ll bring you on MCM as well! Welcome to PMC!