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Who has done a deal on PMC? Tell us your experience.

Chris Naugle

Tell us about your deals you have done so we can all get familiar with who the doers are.


  1. Israel

    Doesn’t look many (if any deals) are getting done. My plan was to connect with lenders in the public forum to see what kind of deals were being made before becoming a paid member.  I see a bunch of borrowers looking to borrow funds but it doesn’t appear to be many lenders out there. Hopefully it is better in the membership space.

    • Israel

      Hi Chris, when you posed the question I assumed that you were addressing the public forum and not the premier group. The testimonials I’ve seen, seemed to be testimonials from the premier member group, since it had been about 10 days any no one commented on the post regarding having a deal funded in the public forum. I see since my last visit there seems to be two individuals (besides the semi-pool investment) who have been funded and one who has funded at least 6 projects. That’s great. I am not here to bash anyone. I just gave what I considered to be open and honest feedback: if it is not the correct assessment then I appreciate and welcome honest and open feedback.

    • Bridget Gladwin & Joseph Banks / 513 970-8951

      Hey Israel, we’re a newbie member, listed as a borrower on the PMC platform and we’ve been able to borrow and close, 4-deals with 4-different lenders, within a 5-weeks period.    Good luck, hang in there and don’t give up.  One of these lenders has your money.    PMC is a powerful platform, maybe you need to work on the presentation of your offer/ask. I’m just saying!!

  2. Chris Naugle

    Isreal-You have no photo on your profile.  That hurts your viewership.  Just like an any social media site the more effort you put into the profile the more people will engage.   There have been well over $100 million in deals funded.  There are actually more lenders than borrowers.  If you find reasons not to be a preier member then you will never know.  Your observation is completely off and you should just ask other borrowers posting in the deal page as they are getting funded.  Look at the testimonals, look at the Blogs.  These are real members.  I see the two deals you posted and one is 9% and that will be one you will get very low traction on since that is way to low of an interest rate for this economic enviroment when banks charge over 9% on commercial deals.  The other one says 16% monthly which cant be right.  Plus you have no photo so people will think you are not real.  Im just tryingto help you but you are not taking my advice so this will be my last message until I see a picture and description of who you are, what you do and what your seeking.  You are not maximizing your time on PMC.

  3. Shawna Decker

    Hi Israel, Hopefully you’ll start to see some replies here that will encourage you to stick around because PMC has a lot to offer.

    I do want to emphasize the community of private lenders, is not “big bank ppl” there’s diverse backgrounds such as doctors, artisans, truck drivers, railway workers, therapists, teachers, and aviation professionals. These are hardworking everyday individuals who have earned their money and are now passionate about making it work for them while they maintain their careers, and open that next new phase of their financial lives….

    They’re the good ones, the people who formally educated, and also self educate, who watch YouTube videos, seek mentorship, and listen to podcasts. WE LOVE THEM!

    That being said, as Chris mentioned .. they’re smart, they’re not going to engage with a nameless plug. Our lenders love experienced, confident real estate business owners. What’s your story? What’s your history? What strength do you have in your network ? Bad ass contractors? A great listing agent? A coach and a mentor in your corner ? Your own team ?

    As you probably know it’s more appealing and assuring to provide a loan to someone you’ve built a connection with.. but who [on their back end] have a strong support network.

     Member stories here:

  4. Jason Matthews

    PMC has played a pivotal role in my journey, serving as a crucial platform. Currently, I am an active borrower with multiple ongoing deals established through the valuable connections I’ve fostered here. Furthermore, I am excited about the upcoming deals in the pipeline, and I eagerly anticipate expanding my network within this vibrant community.

  5. Rob

    Chris-I’ve been a member about 8-9 months.  I’ve done 2 deals as a lender so far.  One with the Fullers-ROI Fund 4. I used Horizon and my self directed IRA for part of the deal and my business (KRE Legacy investments) for another part.
    I also have another deal with a borrower from PML carrying a note that is coming due in March.
    I have used your recommendations for:
    Opening the Horizon account
    Accelerated coaching-Noah was instrumental in helping structuring deals, responsive to my questions even after normal business hours. Countless book recommendations.

    I’m looking forward to more deals coming in the new year and am grateful for all of the content you and your team pumps out on a daily basis.  I started this journey, just watching your free content and went from there.

    Thank you,


  6. Tou Bee Yang

    PMC has been great!  So far, I’ve done 2 deals and I have about 3 more in the works.   My experiences with these deals and working with the borrowers have been pretty smooth.  Props to the borrowers I’ve worked with so far for making it as smooth as possible.  I also have to thank Noah for the things I’ve learned through the Accelerator Coaching program for allowing me to understand the types of questions to ask and what to look for.  But a huge thanks also goes to the videos and content that’s readily available by Chris and his team and then there’s also the other lenders and borrowers who have been open to sharing their experiences too.   Ultimately, the experience has been really positive and I can’t say enough how great this platform has been.  So thank you!

    And if you’re new, welcome!  If you have questions, ask away!  I’ve learned there are no dumb questions here and I can guarantee there’s individuals who have the same questions you may have.  Trust the process.  Get involved.  Update your profile, add a picture, make new connections and get to know them.   The deal is important but knowing who you’re working with is just as important, if not more.  Good luck!  Let’s grow together!

  7. Bobby Tindal

    We love our lenders!  I have several connections from the PMC membership.  I am great friends with Noah Harris and Stephen Nagy.  I’ve been on a PMC interview, webinar and multiple chats about how we help our lenders make money.  I also agree with everyone who have commented here, it’s about relationships and building the connections that can be mutually beneficial.  Post the deal and be interactive, honest and transparent with the lenders!  They are real people looking for ways to put their money to work.  Some of my lenders have re-invested multiple times!  I say again, we love our lenders!