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Who is Bullish on Oil?

Ian Starkey

Hey Everyone!

I am an active real estate investor building a portfolio now and I love real estate  and will continue to buy and hold long term.

However I have recently taken a sharp focus on Oil as I am currently invested in several wells with DYNO Petro. After getting involved several months ago my investing experience  has been incredible.

I’d love to create a discussion around this topic and provide an alternate investment opportunity to this network!

I’ll be sharing more info about our newest opportunity soon!

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  1. Leah Matsil

    As the pendulum swings back, and realization that the green technologies are insufficient to power our nation, oil is going to make a huge comeback.  The Saudis just reduced production and BRICS will leave us ostracized and isolated.  Our US strategic reserves have been depleted.  All of these factors point to a bullish future for oil, and reversal towards promoting national production, particularly under a new administration.  Would be very interested to hear about such investment opportunities.