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WI Assisted Living Opportunity– make 15-20% annually secured by Real Estate — ONLY 55% LTV

Brandon Schwab | Real Estate Debt Fund | 815 790 2330 | Chicago

Hi Everyone,

Senior living is broken, if you want it to be fixed by the time you need it … read below carefully as 100% will be part of senior living in your future, either you’ll be writing a check for it monthly for a loved one or yourself or you will be cashing checks because you invested in it before the Silver Tsunami hits. Choice is yours. Here’s your opportunity to get on the good side of check writing…

I’m Brandon Schwab and I recently acquired 4 Assisted Livings in Wisconsin called Kindred Hearts. I am seeking rehab and working capital of $200,000 for each of the properties.

Here’s the deal…

Location (pick one)- as they get funded I’ll erase them (if you see it, it’s available for funding)

  • Elkhorn, WI (8,500 sq ft)
  • Cottage Grove, WI (8,500 sq ft)
  • Plymouth, WI (6,000 sq ft)
  • Cottage Grove, WI (10,000 sq ft)

Interest: 15-20% annually (fastest funders get the 20%)

Term: 1 year min / 2 year max

Payment: Prefer Annually, however I can do quarterly interest payments as well

Security: Secured by real estate (2nd lien)

Purchase Price: $1.5M (covered)

Rehab: $150,000

Working Capital: $50,000

LTV: 55%

ARV: $3,000,000

For more information, message me for more details



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